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Evans & Associates is a full service strategic branding consulting firm that truly offers a diverse approach to leadership and communications.


We specialize in crafting authentic narratives that help tell a more asset-based story about the work our clients are doing. Through aspirational communication we provide an equity lens to storytelling that amplifies the impacts of mission-related causes, initiatives and organizations.


Our approach to communications and storytelling is appreciated in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Our diverse client base has taken our equity inspired methodology and applied it to their internal and external strategies. This includes reshaping company policy, reframing internal and external communications, and redesigning core governing principles.  We truly specialize in shaping and elevating your brand, mission, and impact story in the most equitable way. With a wealth of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, we help organizations navigate the complexities of the business landscape and achieve their strategic objectives.


At Evans & Associates, we understand the crucial role that effective communication plays in driving success. Our expert consultants work closely with clients to develop comprehensive communication strategies that align with their goals and target audiences. Whether it's crafting compelling messages, managing media relations, or implementing strategic communication campaigns, we ensure our clients' voices are heard loud and clear.


Strategy lies at the heart of every successful organization. Our consulting services encompass strategic planning, organizational development, and market analysis. We collaborate with our clients to define their vision, set measurable goals, and design actionable strategies that drive sustainable growth. With a deep understanding of industry dynamics and emerging trends, we empower our clients to stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities.


Building and nurturing strategic partnerships is essential for business expansion and development. We assist our clients in identifying potential partners, negotiating agreements, and fostering mutually beneficial collaborations. Our expertise in partnership management enables us to create synergies, leverage resources, and unlock new avenues for growth, be it through joint ventures, alliances, or strategic alliances.


A strong brand is a cornerstone of business success. Our brand management services encompass brand strategy, brand positioning, and brand identity development. We work closely with our clients to create compelling brand stories and experiences that resonate with their target audiences. From brand messaging to visual identity, we ensure consistency and differentiation, helping our clients build enduring brands that command trust and loyalty.


What sets Evans & Associates apart is our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client-centricity. We approach each project with meticulous attention to detail, combining industry expertise with creative thinking to deliver tailored solutions. Our collaborative approach fosters strong partnerships with our clients, allowing us to understand their unique challenges and deliver measurable results.


We serve a diverse range of clients, including multinational corporations, startups, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Our team of seasoned consultants brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across various industries, enabling us to provide insights and strategies tailored to specific sectors.


Benjamin Carlton

President & CEO

Benjamin Carlton is an activist and social entrepreneur from Philadelphia, Pa. He received his MBA from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University before moving to Miami to pursue a career in accounting. In 2013, while in Miami he co-founded the iconic BMe Community, a national movement of community builders that are led and inspired by Black people. BMe Community was founded on the principles of valuing all members of the human family, recognizing black males as assets, and building more caring and prosperous communities together.

Under his leadership, BMe has influenced national policy, and committed millions of dollars to local community leaders around the nation. BMe’s 300+ Fellows have raised over $400 million, earned 67 major national awards and helped over 2 million families secure educational, economic, human rights, health and wellness opportunities.

Benjamin has trained the world’s leading authorities about asset-framing, storytelling, and narrative change. Some of these entities include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Obama Administration, Deloitte, and Stanford Social Innovation Review. The central premise of asset-framing is to identify people by their contributions rather than their costs and then engage them in living out their aspirational identity for themselves and society.


Vice President - Partnerships

Boodie is an entertainment philanthropist and social impact entrepreneur focused on ensuring powerful people and grassroots leadership work hand in hand. Connecting talent, brands, and family offices to make real impact around an array of causes. He is passionate about social impact, brands, politics and how Influencers can make a difference. He connects brands with influencer strategy and execution on ways to be socially and politically active to reach and communicate effectively with their audience. He's disrupting how influencers engage with brands.  

Boodie has been applying the power of influencer marketing since 2007, and as a corporate consultant since 2010.  He is an international speaker and recognized as one of the top experts in the field by Talking Influence. Boodie has been featured in NPR, USA TODAY, Forbes, Harper Collins, Essence Magazine, and The Lean Startup to name a few. 

Ty Nash

Marking and Communications Strategist 

Meet Ty, a dedicated strategist boasting a robust background in Marketing, Customer Service, and Client and Business Relations. Her career path weaves through a tapestry of diverse industries such as Holistic Health, Behavioral Health, Fashion, Telecommunications, Finance, Entertainment, and beyond, cultivating a wealth of versatile experiences.


Ty brings a unique blend of skills and intuition to her strategic work in Marketing and Client Relations, with a keen ability to anticipate clients' needs and tailor solutions accordingly. Her educational journey at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she studied Business and Communications, not only equipped her with the necessary knowledge but also instilled a strong sense of independence. Balancing full-time work in a corporate environment while being a mother during her studies, Ty recognized the importance of maintaining her physical and mental well-being. This realization led her to take a leap into entrepreneurship, allowing her to serve others in a way that meets their needs while prioritizing her own health and happiness.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Ty finds immense pride in being a devoted mother of two, balancing her career achievements with the joys of family life.

Tianna Robinson

Vice President - Publicity 

Tianna Robinson is a public relations  professional with a work portfolio including Major League Baseball, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LVMH, ESSENCE Communications, Food Network, Microsoft, Remy Martin Cointreau and others. Tianna graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Communications. Tianna specializes in planning strategic public relations campaigns, media relations, event management, and talent relations.


Tianna's competitive advantage is her unique and diverse range of relationships with journalists, editors, talent, celebrities, managers and publicists in both mainstream and niche/multiethnic arenas. Described as eager and creative when presented with new opportunities, Tianna is based in New York, and can be often found in Los Angeles. Tianna is a travel fanatic, an entertainment junkie, a food connoisseur, and recently discovered the joys of design.


image1 (2).jpeg
Tyler Tyson

Vice President - Production

Tyler Tyson is a media and event specialist.  He has overseen events with media giants OWN, CBS, NETFLIX, Sony, BET, WETV and others through the NAACP Image Awards helping to diversify guild audiences and For Your Consideration campaigns.  While serving as a music coordinator Tyler has forged strong relationships with RCA, Warner Brothers, Columbia and other major record labels helping them identify the most effective way to secure and reach their target audience.    

Tyler’s vast experience in media and work in the corporate sector has perfected both his written and oral communication aptitude.  Tyler is never short on ideas and loves helping entities bring their visions to life.Tyler is a graduate of Florida A&M University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and has worked in media and event coordinating for 15 years.  

JR Rivera_edited.jpg
J. R. Rivera

Social Media Strategist 

J.R. Rivera has been recognized as one of the top social media strategist and inspirations by BET and so many others. J.R specializes in helping companies, brands, and personalities better connect with their customers via social media and digital marketing channels. He has worked with brands such as Disney, Coca Cola, and ESPN. He can increase your impact on social media while gaining real followers and engagement by the thousands. J.R. is passionate about helping people and organizations reach their full potential. 

Consistently motivating and inspiring people on social media, J.R. is a dynamic inspirational speaker and consultant who has empowered so many people around the country. J.R. was nominated as BET's 2015 "InstaStar" most inspiring Instagram in the United States due to his influence and how he delivers his message. He not only inspires but moves audiences to action by offering practical and effective approaches to drive your motivation to the next level. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. 


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